Creating Music Through Technology

The Performing Arts Department at Carl Hayden offers a variety of courses that allows students to have music classes as part of their educational day.  For those interested in creating music but do not wish to play an instrument in one of the more traditional ensemble setting, we now offer:

Creating Music Through Technology!

Do you listen to music?  Have you ever heard a re-mix? A mash-up? Ever wondered how they are created? This is the class to explore a variety of ways to create digital music and how to produce your own pieces using a computer.  We will also discuss how to be productive consumers of music and dive into some media literacy skills through music.  Students will spend much of the year working on projects and participating in class discussions.

You do not need to be able to read music or play an instrument. We will work with sound using Mac computers and other Apple products.

There is very limited space in this course so secure your spot early when class enrollment options open up for the upcoming school year!

Find out more about the class at!

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