The wind section is comprised of all members who play a wind instrument.  Though it is helpful to have previous experience playing your chosen instrument, this section does not require auditions and welcomes all ranges of skill level.  Each instrument section works together to develop tone, technique, and tuning skills throughout the season.  Each section is lead by a veteran member, normally a junior or senior.  It is the responsibility of the section leader to keep their section informed, lead by example, and help develop a unified approach to the activity.

Congratulations to our 2019 Section Leaders!

Flutes: Marylin Maldonado

Clarinets: Jocelyne Terrazas & Marbella Casas

Saxes:  Ashley Luna

Brass Captains: Diego Laguna & Abbib Siqueiros

 Click the following links to download mp3’s and PDF parts:

Music PDF’s & MP3’s

2018 Change Drill Charts

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